Multi-Gluer 2100 CE

The compact, semi-automatic folding-gluing machine for 3-point and longitudinal seam gluing Processes all common types of cold glue

It's that easy - discover the variety!


When it comes to short runs and small quantities, the Multi-Gluer 2100 should not be missing in any business.


You too can benefit from the rapidly growing market for automatic boxes and close your 3-point boxes quickly and economically with our Multi-Gluer 2100.


The Multi-Gluer 2100 was developed in close cooperation with users and is therefore tailored as best as possible to the needs of processors.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • glues and folds longitudinal seam and 3-point automatic floor
  • short set-up time
  • solid technology
  • favorable to buy and maintain
  • proven technology:
    Maintenance-free adhesive technology from Baumer hhs
    either low or high pressure system
  • optionally with conveyor technology and strapping machine
  • quick fasteners for short set-up times
  • stable flap hook with optimized shape
  • no markings even with difficult materials:
    The clocked infeed in connection with the softgrip transport belts ensures streak-free processing even of
    laminated and printed qualities

Exactly metered glue application without spills! 


Due to the digital PLC control and laser sensor, you can position the glue track in exactly the right place. 
Entering the values is, of course, easy for the user. 


The proven construction of the Baumer hhs adhesive valves prevents any dripping or drying of the valves. 

The proven order valves are compact and work robustly and reliably.

The result is a clean glue point.


Maintenance free!

The evening cleaning ritual is omitted.

You simply switch the machine off, and on again at the next start of production.

Cleaning is not necessary even after long periods of inactivity.


  • simple, logical operation
  • short set-up times due to quick-release fasteners
  • proven, maintenance-free adhesive system from Baumer hhs, either low-pressure system or       high-  pressure system (optional)
  • 15 liter hhs Baumer stainless steel pressure vessel, including prefilter and fine strainer,     connections can be detached by hand, optional level sensor
  • Beckhoff control with touch screen on swivel arm (multilingual)
  • 2 independent, infinitely variable transport speeds of the conveyor belts
  • transport belt across the entire machine width in the folding unit
  • pressure over cassette rolls
  • transport belts with soft grip belts also in the press belt
  • space-saving, thanks to the press belt at the bottom
  • adjustable working height, special heights on request
  • tool racks
  • stable flap hook with optimized shape

Sheet format:

  • max. Sheet format: 2100 x 1050 mm
    optional Multi Gluer 1800: 1800 x 1050 mm
    Special widths possible on request
  • Quality: up to 2 waves
  • also laminated and printed qualities

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5000 x 2500 x 1500 mm
  • Weight: approx. 2500 kg
  • Power consumption: 2.5 kW
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz, 1 ~
    optional: 400V, 50Hz, 3 ~
  • Compressed air 6 bar
  • Baumer hhs adhesive technology
  • Control: Beckhoff
  • optionally with SICK safety curtain
  • optionally with Maschinenmau strip encoder


  • Baumer hhs adhesive conveyor technology with diaphragm pump for taking glue from 30 liter plastic container or from 1000 liter IBC container
  • Baumer hhs high pressure system
  • large working platform
  • Conveyor technology and strapping machine
  • Maschinenmau strip encoder 170-SG
  • Working width: 2100 x 1050 mm, special sizes on request
  • fourth adhesive nozzle


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Benefit from production security due to high performance reserves!

We would be happy to adapt the Multi-Gluer 2100 to your requirements.

We realize special productions quickly and favorable.

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